How It Works.

Our nutrient dense, pesticide free leafy greens and herbs are grown with the use of LED lighting in a controlled environment, right here in Tallahassee, Florida. Through the use of a proprietary growing system, water and nutrients are delivered to the growing produce on a regular basis. Because of the use of the controlled growing environment you can expect a consistent flavor full taste from all of the crops that we grow, year-round regardless of the season.

The Grow Space

Our Hydroponics Farm is located inside of a controlled space right here on our property.

What’s Inside

We use a combination of LED grow lights and convention grow lights. Water and nutrients are delivered to the produce that we are growing through the use of an automated system.

Seedling Tray 1

Phase One

High quality seeds are planted and sprouted for approximately 2 weeks before making their way to the finishing channels used to grow our produce.

Green Butter Lettuce Nursery Channel 3

Phase Two

After about 2 weeks in our nursery station, our seedlings are transplanted to our finishing channels where they will spend another 4 – 6 weeks before making their way to market.


Good. Clean Greens. is the Indigo Greens motto. No pesticides or harsh chemicals are used in our produce production process. Through our cultivation method, we have the ability to deliver living leafy greens and herbs to you, in most cases, with the root still attached. Lasting weeks longer than any produce that you would find in any grocery store.


Due to our method of cultivation, we can control all factors used in our production process. This ensures that the right amount of light, water and nutrients are delivered to produce that we grow, 365 days a year. Through the use of our proprietary production process, we bring all of our produce at the peak of freshness to local markets here in town.

Sustainable Farming Practices.

Through the hydroponics cultivation method, we use roughly a 10th of the water necessary to grow our leafy greens and herbs compared to conventional farming methods. Sustainability is always at the forefront of our farming practices.