Welcome to Indigo Greens.

Good. Clean. Greens. is our motto. Exceptional taste. No pesticides are used, EVER. Leafy Greens and Herbs is what we are all about. Grown local with love and heart.

The freshness and flavor of our greens cannot be beat. Our greens are hydroponically grown right here in town. Sustainability is at the heart of our cultivation practice. We use 90% less water compared to traditional cultivation methods. Zero herbicides or pesticides are used here at Indigo Greens. Rest assured that our crop traveled from our farm to your table in just a matter of a few hours.

Changing The Way We Look At Food.

Hyper-locally grown, our greens and herbs last anywhere from 2-4+ weeks for our customers. Our greens did not travel from across the country to make it to your dinner table. By the time greens and herbs that you have bought in the store make it home, there are already 1-2+ weeks old. Why settle for greens and herbs that are not at the height of their freshness? Grown year round with a fraction of the resources used in conventional farming.


Nutrient dense, flavor rich leafy greens and herbs. Deliciousnessโ€ฆ..Unlike anything youโ€™ve ever tasted.


Greens so clean they squeak! No pesticides or herbicides are ever used when growing our greens.


Leafy Greens and Herbs is what we are all about here at Indigo Greens.